I'm a personal trainer offering 1-2-1 personal training at Real World Fitness gym in Nottingham.

To start with we will have a consultation where we will talk through what your goals are and what you're looking to achieve. I will find out about your current lifestyle and exercise routine is like now. I'll gather all the information I need to create a workout tailored to you and your goals.

Every client is treated as an individual and given a personalised plan to readily help them achieve their goals, these programmes come along with nutritional help and training plans which can be used in between out 1-2-1 training sessions.

I don't offer gimmicks or quick fixes. Just good proven training methods that will give you the results you want, no matter what your goal is. I can help you achieve a wide variety of goals such as fat loss, improve your diet, gain muscle, gain strength and improve sports performance.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation.