Chris adams personal training

My name is Chris Adams.  I’m a friendly, approachable and extremely passionate Personal Trainer and  Sports Massage Therapist who’s serious about helping you reach your goals. 

I offer one to one personal training and sports massage in the gym Real World Fitness  This is a perfect place to learn and train if you're someone who doesn't like most commercial gyms, or find most gyms intimidating. You can read about the gyms ethos here 

I won't stand and shout at you while you exercise, nor will I push you so hard that you feel sick..

I've got experience training a wide variety of clients, all with different abilities. From obese clients in their fifties, people in their seventies to under weight clients who need to gain weight.

 Every routine is designed just for you and your goals and lifestyle  so you can maintain for the long term.

None of my clients are given the same routine. 

I don't believe in gimmicks, or quick fixes, just proven training methods  that will give you results, whatever your goal is.


Get in touch if you have any questions,  or to book your free consultation.

Chris Adams Personal Training


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