Chris Adams Personal Training


Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

  • Have you tried, but failed  to get in shape before?
  • Do you not know what the best way to train for your goals?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting advice?
  • Are you nervous about stepping into a gym as you feel like you're not fit enough?

Personal Training could be for you!

What you get from personal training at Real World Fitness?

  • Ensure you're doing the exercises correctly.
  • A fully tailored training plan designed for your level of fitness for both your sessions with me, and the sessions you do on your own. Every client has their own routine designed for their own needs.
  • 24/7 support. You can contact me at anytime if you have any question about your training or diet.
  • Help with your nutrition, and all aspects of your lifestyle that will help you reach your goals.
  • Be a part of a close knit, friendly and supportive gym environment. With less than 100 members you'll soon get to know everyone. 

I've got experience training a wide variety of clients, all with different abilities.

  •  From beginners to advanced clients
  •  Obese and underweight clients.
  • 18 year old to 75 year old clients.
  • Clients who had serious health issues

 Every routine is designed just for you and your goals and lifestyle. None of my clients are given the same routine. 

I don't believe in gimmicks, or quick fixes, just proven training methods  that will give you results, whatever your goal is.

I offer one to one personal training and sports massage at Real World Fitness.  Real World Fitness  is a gym just outside Nottingham City Centre. We're easy to access from the city, and from West Bridgford, Lady Bay and Colwick areas.   This is a perfect place to learn and train if you're someone who doesn't like most commercial gyms, or find most gyms intimidating.  You can read about the gyms ethos here 

Get in touch if you have any questions,  or to book your free consultation.


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