Chris Adams Personal Training

My name is Chris Adams. I'm a personal trainer at Real World Fitness in Nottingham

What do you get when you're being trained by me?

  • I'll design a program that is tailored to you're own specific needs and goals. None of my clients have the same program.
  • I'll teach you every part of your training program, You'll know exactly what you'll be doing before your sessions with me, and for when you're training on your own.
  • You'll learn how to do every lift safely and effectively.
  • Help improving your nutrition.
  • You will be part of a close-knit, friendly and supportive gym environment.


  • Have you tried to get in shape before, and failed to see results?
  • Do you go to the gym already, but don't know if you're doing things correctly?
  • Do you lack motivation and need someone to push you
  • Are you unsure where to start?

Then I can help you.  I've trained a variety of clients, all with different goals from 18-75 years old, obese, underweight. I've had clients who had bad knees, back, diabetes, lumpus, and a stroke.

I am confident I can help you no matter what your goal is.  


Real World Fitness Gym

  Real World Fitness is a small independent Gym based on Little Tennis Street near Nottingham City Centre,  West Bridgford, Lady Bay, and Colwick.  

 Real World Fitness is the opposite of commercial gyms. It's never overcrowded as the gym is limited to 100 members. If you come in during the day you're unlikely to have more than two other people training, while at peak time it will be only around ten people. This means that you'll rarely have to wait for equipment.   

Real World Fitness prides itself on being the friendliest gym in Nottingham. There aren't any groups of kids hogging equipment, no women harassed by men,  and bad behaviour isn't tolerated.  Everyone is supportive. We are the only gym in Nottingham with a no drug policy.  We have people of all ages here, from 16-80 years old and around 50% of the members are female. Mums often bring their kids in during the day taking away the problem of childcare. There is free WiFi and a Playstation to keep the kids entertained. Even dogs are always welcome.  

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About me


Becoming a Personal Trainer was a no brainer for me because I absolutely love training, so being able to channel my career to incorporate my own hobby is a dream come true!    

I’m a friendly, approachable and extremely passionate Personal Trainer who’s serious about helping you reach your goals. 

You won't be ignore outside of your sessions with me and you'll have support 24/7 to reach your goals. On a daily basis I'm checking my clients MyFitnessPal food log, replying to texts or emails,  taking phone calls or answering questions in the gym when they come in for their own sessions.

I'm extremely passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and prevent them making the mistakes like I made in my early twenties. I become self employed in 2018 in a private studio. This went extremely well and I soon grew my client base and then  I moved to Real World Fitness In July 2019. 

Chris Adams Personal Training in Nottingham

Chris Adams Personal Training in Nottingham